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Starting off as a sculptor, John Hilliard soon turned to photography, using this medium in a conceptual way. Quote: "there has always been a reflectivity in my work between technique and image, initially through the tautologous incorporation of its cause into the image itself. Beginning with the bare bones of photography, subjects such as time, light and motion were articulated in the most fundamental way, using as image the hardware and software of the medium (clocks, cameras, film packs, and so on) ... in my recent work ... the picture content ... is usually wedded in a reciprocal bond with its means of production, allowing the spectator a consciousness of the history and material specificity of the image, but also allowing the work a high degree of autonomy as object through its containedness..."

Hilliard's scenes are carefully staged, like in a film script, combining close-ups, mirroring, plural illumination or change of focus within a single image. His themes often relate to society or movies, in which fear and violence are secretly, yet strongly present. Hilliard forces the spectator in the position of voyeur of filmic scenes, a kind of detective, who has to unravel the secret in the background.

Apart from showing regularly with Art Affairs since 1990, John Hilliard's work is known from many international personal and group exhibitions, working in close relationship with Lisson Gallery, London / Galerie Durand Dessert, Paris / John Gibson Gallery, New York / LA Galerie, Frankfurt / Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin / Massimo Minini, Brescia.

Hilliard lives and works in London, England.

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