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became known by his work that is processual and by consequence serial. the series evolve from trivial starting points, like e.g. unaccounted for hairs and threads in handmade paper, becoming figures in fisher's imagination.

he then draws these figures in a larger scale onto the same paper. sometimes he even imagines and realizes threedimensional objects from them (free standing or coming away from the wall). this process of finding, making and transforming is the basis for bodies of coherent works, in which fisher proves his skill, imagination, creativity, artistic quality, as well as humor. typical for his attitude is also, that he collects typing errors, almost words and almost meanings, that he often uses as titles for his crations. there is no restriction to the use of materials for fisher to express his visions, they range from paper to wood, bronze, ceramics and recently also photography.

fisher lives and works in newcastle, england

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